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Are you unable to watch your favourite family moments due to changing technology ?


We can help you keep up with our DVD & Film transfers

By transfering your old super 8, 8 millimetre & VHS to DVD

Need copies for your family & friends ?

 we also offer duplication of both DVD & VHS

Transfer VHS (video tapes) to DVD


Preserve your precious memories NOW!

Safeguard your memories by transferring your VHS tapes to DVD.

We can also transfer your old 8mm & super 8 film to DVD.

Make Copies Of Your DVD's


We can duplicate your DVD’s.

Subject to Copyright Laws

Slideshow Presentations


Do you have an up and coming celebration and wish to display a slideshow presentation of your most memorable moments in life or wish to embarrass your son and/or daughter on their 21st Birthday Celebration, we can put together a memorable slideshow presentation to your favorite tunes that will surely grab everyone’s attention.