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Do you have photos or artwork that needs framing ?


Here at Churchill Digital Imaging we provide full framing services 

we offer a wide range of frames and framing styles

& can frame everything from photos & artwork to three dimensional items such as your favourite memorabilia

Framing Your Photos


Churchill Imaging provide a wide range of framing options for your images and have a wide assortment of frames and mat board colours to choose from. Having unique images of your family, particular events, holidays or your own individual style of photography are important items to have on display whether it is in your home, a gift to others or an exhibition of your works.

Choosing Your Frame


Do you need help deciding on what frame to choose for your artwork or photos?

Our experienced design team at Churchill Imaging can consult you on what would suit your home best, by matching your interior design to interpret it into a suitable framing style.

Mat Boards


Matting is the edging that surrounds your art inside the frame. The purpose of matting is both a protective measure and aesthetic. Mat Boards are used to highlight colors in the image being framed and accentuate them. The Mat Boards we use are of high quality material with a neutral PH level. However if you require a Mat Board that is completely 100% free of acid, lignin and ground wood we can offer this also.

Football Jerseys & Other Memorabilia


Bring in your Sports Jersey along with patches, photographs and other souvenirs you might like to have in the frame. Our framers will work with you to create an eye-catching display for your jersey.


We can frame your certificates from leadership certificates or graduate recognition. You can incorporate team photos, action photos, portraits, plaques and awards, sports memorabilia and historical photographs to create an overall inspiring framed collection piece.





Give Churchill Imaging a call or drop by with your next framing project.

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