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Do you have old photo's in need of some TLC ?


Here at churchills we offer full restoration services

to bring your old photos back to life

Retouching Photographic film


Our highly skilled team of digital technicians can remove or reduce dust and small scratches. We do not use any coating on films to fill in scratches as it can destroy old, delicate emulsions. We can clean and colour correct your film once digitally scanned to look its finest.

Retouching Photographic Prints


High Resolution Digital Images are taken of your old photos, once this process has taken place one of our experienced technicians will remove any defects such as creases, scratches, stains & silver leeching. In some cases our technicians will need to add back to your photos; for example if part of someone’s face in the photo is missing due to fading or scratching we can ultimately restore as much as possible back to the person’s face. Our technicians can ultimately make any changes to your photos that you wish, from removing & adding people, changing colour photographs to black & white and many other possibilities.

Over time, your old photos can fade and will become more and more worn; therefore it is important to make copies of these as eventually there may be no chance to restore them if they are too far gone. Once your old photos are digitally restored we can then make new photographic copies to the same size as the original or you may wish to increase the size. The sharpness and quality of the original photograph will determine the overall increased size. You may have merely lost the original film or file of the image you want and only have an original or copied photograph to go from. In this case we are still able to go through the same process as above, minus the retouching if it is not necessary.

You can then choose to have the new and improved restored image files burnt to a CD for safe storage backup, this also makes it a lot easier and cost effective if you decide later down the track that you would like extra copies of your photos, as the restoration process will not need to be redone.



Digital Enhancement of Your Images


Not so Photoshop Savvy? Or purely don’t have the time to do your own post production work?
Book In Now! For your chance to work along side one of our experienced digital technicians. Our technicians can do the work for you; from enhancing your landscape images to removing those horrible blemishes. Call us now if you have any enquiries.

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